Face Shields Pack of 10

Face Shields Pack of 10

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With Covid restrictions beginning to lift, all businesses are faced with the task of minimizing the risk of disease transmission and protecting the workforce. 
Our back to work visors make things a little easier - because the health and safety of all employees is our top priority.



    To help minimize the risk of disease transmission, visors are ideal for face-toface interaction. Comes with 10 clear plastic visor replacements.


    • Good for customer facing situations
    • Ideal for areas where 2 metre social distancing is impossible or difficult to maintain
    • Comfortable to wear
    •  Suitable with or without glasses
    •  Designed & manufactured in the UK

    The headbands are injection moulded in Polypropylene, which are dishwasher safe for sterilising and repeat use. 

    The visors have been designed to comply with a standard 4-hole file hole punch (80mm spacing between holes), so you can hole punch any clear plastic material and it will fit onto the visor headband. 


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